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Sharing your favorite spots with friends has never been this easy…
Welcome to Gpsy.

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Who is it made for?

It's made for you!

Anyone who loves to travel and wants to share their tips and suggestions with friends is the perfect user for Gpsy.

What is it made for?

Gpsy is designed to let friends share their favorite travel spots with each other.

We have all either asked or given recommendations to friends about where to go, what to do, and what to eat or drink. Gpsy makes that a lot more simple and fun.

Why you would want it

Because it’s the bomb... Let’s not make things complicated, Gpsy is kind of like having the inside scoop on places from friends who know.

Share special contacts, provide insights that most tourists wouldn't know about, share cool spots that you only want friends to know about.

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Gpsy Keeps it Private

Now it's safe to share more. In Gpsy, you can share the important stuff because only invited friends can read your comments.

Send Recommendations

Gpsy makes it incredibly easy to send friends recommendations. You create simply lists and share them instantly. ``Best Burgers in Town,`` or ``Best Surf Spots,`` or ``My Favorite Bars in Florence.`` Whatever you want to share, it's easier in Gpsy.

Customize it!

It's your map, you can curate it in a number of fun ways. Gpsy incorporates great content from celebrities, bloggers, local papers and so much more. Now you can customize your travel with only the reviews and recommendations you want to see and track.

Travel Made More Fun

Sharing with friends is a lot better than dry reviews from unknown people. See your friends reviews and photos, comment on their spots, add hashtags, and your own thoughts.

Add Your Own Photos

Your reviews include your photos.

Ready for the World

Gpsy is based on Google Maps, so if you can find it on a map to you can add it to your spots, anywhere in the world. Gpsy already has thousands of spots all over the world.

What some of our users are saying

It's a great tool for me and my clients to identify a variety of spots in different neighborhoods.

Kim Thornton, Realtor

Gpsy provides an entirely new way for me to share my favorite destinations with friends. I know everyone I've invited so I don't have to worry about trust or privacy.

David Allen, Austin, TX

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Where's Gpsy?

Gpsy can be found in Portland, OR